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Tape Application Guide - General

The following handling instructions will assist the user to achieve optimum results and safeguard against any common applications issues. Optimum bonding depends mainly on the following parameters: substrate surface & preparation, contact pressure & time, temperature & relative humidity.
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Surface Substrate Condition & Preparation
The surfaces to be bonded must be dry & free from any contamination including dust, oils, & fats, oxidisation, release agents & any other known contamination.
The correct choice of surface cleaner depends on the surface properties. Essentially non-greasy cleaners are recommended including isopropanol alcohol (mixed 50/50 with clean water) & acetone. Cleaning cloths must be clean, grease & fat free with no loose fibres or cloth particles. Please ensure that you wipe in one direction to prevent cross contamination & allow time for full evaporation of cleaners used.
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Contact Pressure
The bond strength is dependent upon the contact pressure of the adhesive to substrate. To assist this process all adhesive tapes require firm hand or roller pressure. Tape products should be smoothed down with 15 psi of pressure or more. This will aid in the adhesive “wet out” & result in better bond strength.
Bonding Application Temperature
We recommend that the product, substrate & environment should be between +15°C & 30°C. Ensure that the adhesive product & substrates are allowed time to adjust to the environment temperature before bonding.
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Product Storage
For product storage we recommend that products are stored in their original packaging under dry conditions, ideally at room temperature but not warmer than +30°C. High relative humidity & direct sunlight must be avoided at all costs. Normal storage timeframe from date of manufacture is 12 months.

Product Use
The information in this guide is based upon our knowledge & practical experience. This data is intended only as a source of information given without guarantee & does not constitute a warranty. Due to the wide variety of possible uses & applications, customers should independently determine the suitability of these products for their specific purpose, prior to use. Trial samples are provided free of charge & without obligation.

For more specific information on application of our tape products, contact our helpful sales team.
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