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Taping Machine Troubleshooting


  • Identify the tape (condition of the tape & possible storage issues)
  • What is the tape code & carton label number details (lot/batch numbers)
  • Check to see if their current stock holding has the same lot/batch numbers.
  • Is the problem with all tape machines or just one machine?
  • Could the tape be threaded incorrectly?
  • Check the taping machine head tension – has it changed?
  • Check condition of the rollers?
  • Are the machine’s rollers effectively pressing the tape to the carton?
  • Does the blade need replacement or cleaning?
  • Regular cleaning is always recommended (suggest a citrus cleaner type)
  • If there is a build-up of adhesive on the rollers it may be caused by the air temperature (humidity) in the factory or warehouse being constantly above 25 degrees C.
  • Check if the cartons being taped are over or under packed (box flap tension)?
  • Check if the carton type, style, size or gap has changed?
  • Does the tape look stretched or wrinkly (Never over stretch the tape)?
  • Has there been a change to the environment – dust or dirt during storage or application.
  • Check if the cartons have a heavily printed surface this can cause adhesion problems on most adhesive types.

If after checking ALL of the above and you are continuing to have problems or your issue is not covered please contact Distributor for further advice.


    Problem     Causes     Solutions
  • Drive belts do not convey boxes.
  • Narrow boxes.
  • Top taping head does not apply.
  • Check machine specification. Boxes are narrower than recommended, causing slippage and premature belt wear.
  • Adjust the box height adjustment with crank.
  • The blade does not cut tape or the tape end is jagged or shredded.
  • Adhesive has built up on blade.
  • Tape tension is insufficient.
  • The blade is not positioned properly.
  • Clean and adjust the blade.
  • Increase tape tension by adjusting the one way tension roller.
  • Make sure the blade is bottomed out against the mounting bolts.
  • Have the blade replaced.
  • Tape is tabbing on the trailing leg on the back of the box.
  • The tape is threaded incorrectly.
  • Rollers in the tape path do not rotate freely.
  • There is excess tension on the tape drum assembly and/or the one way tension roller assembly.
  • Refer to the thread diagram on the machine.
  • Clean adhesive deposits from the surface, ends and shafts of the roller. Remove all lubricant from roller surfaces.
  • Adjust the one way tension roller and/or the tape drum assembly.
  • The tape leg on the front of the case is too short or too long.
  • The tape is threaded incorrectly
  • The tape tension is too low.
  • The knurled roller drags.
  • The one way tension roller is not correctly positioned.
  • Taping is not set up properly.
  • Refer to threading diagram on the machine.
  • Adjust the one way tension.
  • Check for adhesive build up between the knurled roller and its shaft. Clean and lubricate shaft. Remove all lubricant from roller surfaces.
  • position the roller on its mounting slo so the the tape extends just beyond the centre line of the applying roller.
  • Check leg length adjustments.

If any of these problems are continuous or if problems encountered are not covered in this troubleshooting form please contact Distributor for further advice.



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